Faculty of Translation Studies




(Uzņēmējdarbības valoda II: bizness un finanses ES)


Course Author:         Lecturer Ieva Vizule

Course Code:

Course Value:                      2 credit points (3 ECTS points)

Form of Evaluation: Examination

Prerequisites:           Knowledge of English at upper intermediate level, introductory courses in basic entrepreneurship and international business

Course group:                      2TA 1/2

Tuition:                       32 contact/academic hours (16 weeks – 1 session of 2 hours each week)



To develop student individual skills of reading and understanding texts on business and finance. To expand the student knowledge of special vocabulary and terminology (including in a contrastive manner: English vs Latvian), as well as further develop their skill of accurately using it in written and oral business communication; in an integrated manner, to improve student skills of general English language use. To encourage students to critically evaluate the current micro and macro economic data against theoretical sources. To work on developing student business correspondence skills.


Learning outcomes:

students should be able to:

-    to fully understand written and spoken business texts on the covered topics and to critically analyse them, to ask relevant questions and initiate a discussion;

-    to select and analyse relevant information against relevant theoretical background, as well as against the relevant local and global contexts;

-    to work individaully as well as in a team and to organise the group work;

-    to understand and analyse the micro and macro meaning of special vocabulary and terminology units in the texts;

-    to summarise business texts (written and audio/video) in English and Latvian,

-    to demonstarte their ability to translate in-text terminology and special vocabulary units (EN-LV; LV-EN)

-    to communicate in Business English in a logical  and well-structured manner on the covered topics, integrating special vocabulary and terminology.