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Atjaunota Moodle no 2.7.1 uz 3.1.1 versiju

Koloda Mārcis attēls
Atjaunota Moodle no 2.7.1 uz 3.1.1 versiju
nosūtīja Koloda Mārcis — Thursday, 2016. gada 4. August, 09:14

Galvenās izmaiņas (angliski)

  • MDL-41922 - Completed quizzes no longer appear in the Course overview block for students
  • MDL-54165 - Allow to hide the document preview in assignment grading interface
  • MDL-41945 - Do not overwrite submission with an empty filearea when several team members edit the same assignment
  • MDL-49852 - Mark assignment as completed for all students in the team when one student from the team has made a submission
  • MDL-29905 - Fixed the bug when deleting empty quiz category was showing an error that it has questions
  • MDL-46721 - Assignment blind marking: participant number in the notification email matches the number on the submission
  • MDL-45427 - Database activity: When creating a template clicking on the tags should add it to the textarea when Atto editor is used
  • MDL-35104 - Allow to change username of a user registered under LDAP authentication method
  • MDL-51806 - Workshop: allow to save edited settings when using comma as a decimal separator
  • MDL-43887 - Fixed bug when handling optional date/time custom user profile field with date range starting later than 1970
  • MDL-35987 - Do not abort restore process in case of multichoice question error 'Backup error: invalid input syntax for integer: ""'