The course will familiarize with the basics of marketing, public relations and advertising, with particular emphasis on e-marketing. Internet marketing is one of the most forward-looking fields in marketing. The curriculum has been prepared in a practical way to present the principles of creating promotional campaigns on the Internet, prepare students for independent work in this area (eg in interactive agencies, advertising agencies, internet enterprises, portals, and marketing departments of various types of enterprises, as part of own business).

Students will acquire specialist knowledge in the field of conditions and applications of the Internet in marketing, creating Internet marketing, public relations strategies, managing enterprises developing on the Internet, using blogs in marketing activities of enterprises. An important element of the classes will be e-services, online communities, planning and implementation advertising campaigns on the Internet, public relations on the Internet. The ability to cooperate, manage the team and use individual creativity is also important.
Classes will be based on case studies, workshops using the Design Thinking method, prototyping of specific products in the field of e-marketing, checking the effectiveness of actions taken on the media and media market.

The graduate will acquire the skills to use e-marketing in broadly understood social communication - in public relations, advertising, promotions and institutions that conduct media education. He will know the essence of the media, new media and their meanings and determinants, he could use basic information technologies in the field of new media, in practice he will learn new media marketing and advertising campaigns. Course are connected with: workshops on creating a effective media messages, interactive communication, work of a journalist of new media, basics of e-learning and e-work, construction of a media business plan along with a marketing campaign of on-line products.