During the course it will be possible to prepare a specialist in the field of creating, managing new media, editors of internet portals. Students will learn how to efficiently navigate the media market, get acquainted with the specificity of new media and the ability to use them in social communication. Thanks to the classes it will be possible to broaden the students' skills in the effective use of the potential of new media, (for instance various types of applications) to enhance the content of web portals. An important element of the studies will be classes on online advertising, using social media. Internet advertisements will be monitored in order to achieve commonly agreed goals together with the creation of professional reports. Most classes will be conducted in a practical formula.

Especially mass media, social communication in all its aspects, is one of the most important factors shaping contemporary social, political and economic reality. Therefore, it is also necessary to learn how to perceive, analyze and comment on significant political, social, economic events, in order to independently conduct online media. The graduate will also be able to set up and maintain online media, construct a professional media business plan and manage the editorial team. The knowledge conveyed during classes in the field of e-media will be based on practical skills, using the Design Thinking method, prototyping of specific products in the field of e-media, checking the effectiveness of actions taken on the media market.

The student understands the importance of mass media and functioning of modern society. The graduate obtains skills enabling to perform various professions related to the broadly understood field of social communication and online media.
Graduates will receive a unique, thorough interdisciplinary knowledge covering the basic issues in such areas as: contemporary media systems, journalism workshops, preparing and conducting media campaigns, media economy, media research methods, marketing, advertising and public relations. The program concept ensures practical preparation for independent and managerial work or for running own business.