Purpose of the course is to introduce students to data base and website development. To design and build a simple database system and demonstrate competence with the fundamental tasks involved with modeling, designing, and implementing a DBMS.

Learning outcomes

 Be able to design data base conceptual model according to the problem description.

 Be able to work with data base management system MS Access.

 Be able to create database tables and describe the properties of the tables.

 Be able to create simple and complex queries in MS Access.

 Be able to design the user interface and realize it practically describing user forms in MS Access.

 Be able to create a user form based on one or more tables, one or more queries.

 Be able to create simple and complex reports.

 Be able to describe the functionality of the user forms, describing the buttons using macro.

 Be able to realize the search function in data base by one or more parameters.

 Be able to perform data import and export.

 Be able to create website using cloud-based web development platform.

 Be able to properly design and build a business website.

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