(Informācijas tehnoloģiju angļu valoda  II)


Author                        Prof.mag. transl.& terminol. Indra Grietēna,  MA Ieva Vizule, PhD Thomas Springer

Course code               1274

Number of credits     2 credit points (3 ECTS)

Type of Assessment   Examination

Prerequisites              Successfully passed Term 1 Master Test

Course is included in    part A


Course Objectives


  • To provide a working knowledge of information technologies, their structure, features and applications, as well as, further developments in IT.
  • The course is aimed at consolidating and developing all-around practical language skills of the appropriate use of English computing terminology.
  • Reading: to develop the skills of reading for information and to introduce new content from a variety of authentic IT texts.
  • Listening: to develop the ability to understand native speakers with various language accents talking about IT. Listening to monologue and dialogues speeches.
  • Speaking: to develop the ability to participate in exchanges of information and opinions in the context of IT. To develop the ability to explain the features of computing, and to advise on IT problems.
  • Writing: to develop writing skills of instructions, descriptions, explanations and formal letters about the course topics
  • Language use: to consolidate and extend the students`understanding and use of structures and functions of English common to IT. To encourahe more natural use of newly learned language. 


Learning outcomes


1.      Students are able to read, comprehend, understand for general information and summarize an authentic text on the course topics.

2.      Students are able to provide definitions and explanations of the basic IT concepts included in the course.

  1. Students are able to recognise and decode the common IT abbreviations ioncluded in the course.
  2. Students are able to participate in the exchange of opinions on the topics included in the course.
  3. Students are able to understand recorded natives speakers and grasp specific information and main points on the IT topics included in the course.
  4. Students are able both in writing and in speaking decsribe the structure, functions and use of multimedia applications, computer networks, the Internet and WWW, using appropriate language structures.