Author Tomass Springers, J. Doc.

Course code ?

Number of credits  3

Type of Assessment Exam

Prerequisites  British Studies

Course Objectives

To provide students with a working knowledge of the American Political Structure of its fifty one jurisdictions and how they relate and interact.

To provide an understanding of the concept of “Checks and Balances” of the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches of Government.

To explore the European origins of the Americans and how European philosophers, religion and politics shaped and influenced the development of the United States.

To provide an understanding the people and temperament of the modern US people.

To provide an unique view of how knowledge of culture and views aides in translation of past and current literature.

Learning outcomes 

1. Students are able to provide definitions and explanations of the basic concepts included in the course. 

2. Students are able to broadly explain the impact of Europe in the Americas.

3. Students are able to recognize the basic sources of laws and the political process.

4. Students are able to identify cultural differences in the light of business, religious and political influences. 

5. Students are able to identify regional, racial and colloquial differences in literature and music.

6. Students are able to draw from their learning benefits to their translation process.

Forms of students` individual work

Students individually prepare lexical and written assignments using the learning materials supplied.

Students individually analyze current Case Studies.

Organization – on the Moodle platform.

Requirements for obtaining credits

attendance constitutes at least 70 % of the total amount of classes;

home / individual assignment submissions and in class test (students must reach a minimum of 60% to qualify to sit for the Midterm test and then the Final Exam);

performance at Midterm test;

performance in Final Exam at the end of the Term (60% minimum required to Pass the Exam);

the final assessment consists of: (1) the performance in the class and home assignments – 33%, and (2) performance in Midterm test – 33% and (3) performance in Final Exam – 33%

Basic study literature

1. Lecture notes and video presentations provided in class.

Additional literature

1. Wall Street Journal, US Edition, Declaration of Independence and Constitution (Case Studies)