History of cultural doctrines, terminology of this science, main issues of modern culturology, specifics and principles of world culture growth, history of human culture, creative potential which exists as in a separate person and also in a community as a whole.

Structure and set of modern cultural knowledge; Culturology; Sociology of culture; Cultural anthropology; Culturology and history of culture; Theoretical and applied culturology; Methods of culturological researches; Fundamentals of culturology: culture, civilization, morphology of culture, subject of culture, cultural genesis, dynamic of culture; Language and symbols of culture; Cultural codes, intercultural communication; Cultural values and norms; Cultural traditions; Social cultural institutes and cultural selfidentity and cultural modernization. Typology of cultures: ethnic culture, national culture, elite culture and mass culture; Eastern and western types of cultures; Specific and mediate cultures. Local cultures. A role and a place of a country (Roman Empire, France, Spain  etc.) world culture. Tendencies of cultural universalization in modern world process. Culture and nature. Culture and society. Culture and global problems. Culture and personality. Socialization.