Thinking and writing critically and creatively in and for business

(Kritiskā un radošā domāšana un rakstīšana profesionāliem mērķiem)

Author                                                Ms Ieva Vizule, lecturer, Master of Arts

LAIS code                  

Credit points

(ECTS credit points)             2 credit points (3 ECTS), two classes every other week

Form of evaluation                Test

Prerequisites              good English language knowledge, at least a second year student

Course group             Elective, maximum 30 students


From text comprehension to text creation for a specific purpose and specific target audience in business environment: building on the previously acquired general knowledge and mastery of English to (a) enhance student skill to critically perceive and fully understand written and/or spoken information in different texts and in different media; (b) develop their skill to think critically and creatively, as well as their ability to (c) present their thoughts in various written and spoken texts in English for business.  

Learning outcomes. The student:

- has a good understanding of critical and creative thinking and writing in and for business;

- is able to differentiate among different text genres (relevant for business environment) and understands their specifics;

- has a good understanding of the role of the target audience and is able to adapt their spoken and written texts to the needs and knowledge of a specific target audience;

- is able to select relevant information sources and materials (including theoretical) and analyse and process them, demonstrating individual learning skills;

- is able to present their ideas in written and oral texts in English in a logical, cohesive, well-structured, reader-friendly, convincing (where appropriate) and creative manner (e.g., tweets, texts in social networks, blogs, analytical writing, press releases, digital marketing texts, and others);

- demonstrates appropriate referencing skills (where appropriate);

- is able to reflectively and critically assess their own work as well as that of their colleagues, demonstrates good text revising skills;

- is able to use different available sources for developing their knowledge and upgrading their individual skills (both text creation and English).