English I


Vita Balama, Dr. paed., MBA; Maruta Koha, mag.ped.; Ieva Vizule, MA

LAIS code


Form of evaluation


Credit points (ECTS credit points)

4CP (6 ECTS)


Positive evaluation on the certificate of centralised secondary school examination in English

Course group

Courses of general education


To develop student understanding of the business environment, of spoken and written business texts in English and business correspondence as a genre.To develop student special vocabulary and acquire set business language patterns required for oral and written communication with the potential business partners.

Learning outcomes

-to perceive relevant written and spoken business texts;

- to select and analyse relevant information;

- to select relevant reference sources and make use of them (e.g., speacial dictionaries);

- to work individaully as well as in a team;

- to communicate in English in an understandable manner on the covered topics, integrating special vocabulary;

- to develop a sound and relevant (to the topic) presentation;

- to write a letter of application and CV, following a given partern.

Classes and individual (home) assignments, also using Moodle platform. Types of assignments:

-reading texts individually and in groups, identifying and understanding key idea/s and special vocabulary and language use;

-information mining from English sources and its discussion in the group;

-acquisition of special vocabulary, terminology and language use: exercises and mid-term tests, including in the Moodle environment;

-audio and video materials, their perception and analysis, including the language use and vocabulary;

-individual and group work: data gathering, presentations, discussions, voicing and supporting their ideas/ viewpoint;

-short individual presentations combined with unprepared speech;

-writing tasks (short comments, summaries, letters, essays, CVs).

Evaluation of learning outcomes:

-engagaement in classes and attitude to individual and group assignments;

-performance in individual (home) and class assignments;

-performance in mid-term formative and summative tests;

-performance in the term test.