Business English II


Vita Balama, Dr. paed., MBA; Maruta Koha, mag.ped.; Ieva Vizule, MA

LAIS code


Form of evaluation


Credit points (ECTS credit points)

3CP (4.5 ECTS)


Completed course „Business English I” (with test)

Course group

Courses of professional specialisation of the field


To advance student individual skills of reading and understanding specialized business texts, including texts in semi-formal and formal English. To work on improving student text analysis skills, as well as the skill of summarizing key points in the text, also in Latvian, and then present them in English. To expand student special vocabulary and terminology, with an emphasis on legal terminology, as well as further develop their skill of accurately using it in written and oral business communication.

To introduce students with the language of some relevant contracts, standards, and laws.

Learning outcomes

-to individually select relevant theoretical and informative texts in English, to perceive and critically evaluate them, justifying individual choices and points of view;

-to individually expand special vocabulary and terminology knowledge;

-to select relevant for the topic information in Latvian, to analyse and summarise it in English orally and in writing, integrating special vocabulary and terminology;

-to critically assess his own work as well as that of others;

-to conduct a theoretical and practical research on a selected topic, and present its results in a logical, coherent and well-structured manner orally and/or in writing, using modern technologies and integrating special vocabulary and terminology;

-to write and academic essay in English drawing on real-life examples and relevant theoretical sources, and appropriately referencing them (optional - for students willing to apply for Erasmus exchange scholarship).

Organization mode of students` individual assignment:

Classes and individual (home) assignments, also using Moodle platform. Types of assignments:

-selecting relevant texts and their critical reading individually, building bridges between theory and practice (the economic situation and business environment);

-information mining from mass media in Latvian, its analysis and summative presentation in English orally and/or in writing using appropriate special vocabulary and terminology, in group and individually;

-acquisition of special vocabulary, terminology and language use: exercises and mid-term tests, including in the Moodle environment;

-audio and video materials, their perception and contrastive analysis (against the relevant contexts and theoretical sources); integration of the ideas and used vocabulary in student own speech;

-individual and group work: data gathering, presentations, discussions, voicing and supporting their ideas/ viewpoint;

-one 8-10 min research-based presentation on one of the agreed topics (PPT), followed by group questioning and unprepared answers;

-an academic essay (optional).

Evaluation of learning outcomes:

-engagaement in classes and attitude to individual and group assignments;

-performance in individual (home) and class assignments;

-performance in mid-term formative and summative tests;

-performance in the term exam.