Aim of the study course

The aim of the study course is to create an overall knowledge of the meaning of the sustainable development and environmental policy management, promoting the knowledge about the anthropogenic impact, substantiality and development.    


At the end of the study course student:

·     shall understand the definition “sustainable development”, it`s meaning in terms of the integration of economic growth, society and environmental policy management for the maintenance of the sustainable development, student may express an opinion and participate in discussions on general principles, problems and best solutions in environmental protection;

·     may assess general environmental, economic and social problems as well as has the general knowledge of the state of environment of Latvia and Europe (partly also worldwide), may identify the local and national resources and has the knowledge about the definition “environmental ethics” through “green thinking” prism.

Student`s work organisation

Student`s work organisation covers:

●    Regular self-studying, using different literature sources and electronical sources;

●    Final test through Moodle.


Evaluation of the results

Final result consists of:

·     Work in lectures (different practical tasks) for learning 10%;

·     Final test through Moodle 90%.

SustainableDevelopment and green thinking_EN_2020 FALL semester.pdfSustainableDevelopment and green thinking_EN_2020 FALL semester.pdf