Purpose of the course is to introduce students to data base and website development. To design and build a simple database system and demonstrate competence with the fundamental tasks involved with modeling, designing, and implementing a DBMS.

Learning outcomes

 Be able to design data base conceptual model according to the problem description.

 Be able to work with data base management system MS Access.

 Be able to create database tables and describe the properties of the tables.

 Be able to create simple and complex queries in MS Access.

 Be able to design the user interface and realize it practically describing user forms in MS Access.

 Be able to create a user form based on one or more tables, one or more queries.

 Be able to create simple and complex reports.

 Be able to describe the functionality of the user forms, describing the buttons using macro.

 Be able to realize the search function in data base by one or more parameters.

 Be able to perform data import and export.

 Be able to create website using cloud-based web development platform.

 Be able to properly design and build a business website.

Economics and Informatics_ENG.pdfEconomics and Informatics_ENG.pdf

Information and Business Processes course for Year 3 students of "Business Administration" course.


During this course students learn about theoretical aspects of business processes as well as about the applicability in practice.

Based on acquired knowledge students can determine and analyse different problem situations. Students can analyse specific business environment within an organization and provide conclusions on use of e-business models within an organization. Students also learn how to find necessary information on specific question as well as know how to analyse this information and deliver it to others (preparation of presentations, presentation of outcomes of individual project work).

The purpose of this course is to teach the students the fundamentals of accounting under the double-entry accounting system.

The purpose of this course is provide students with the possibility to master the fundamentals of accounting to a degree where they will be able to embark on studying the International Financial Reporting Standards.