Projekta kurss
Provide knowledge of using standards and technical norms in the electronics and electrical engineering. Build skills to use IPC and other standards at work.

PROPERTY RIGHTS are the rights to reproduce, broadcast, interpret, perform, recite and present in public, adapt, translate, distribute etc. Moral rights are the rights of the author to oppose any deformation, mutilation or modification of his or her work that might be of harm to his or her honour or reputation.


  • Ability to understand the importance of IP for company
  • Ability to understand how to identify IP
  • Ability to understand exploitation’s role of IP
  • Ability to understand how to attract investors


  1. Business Idea
  2. IP as tradable ( intangible ) asset
  3. IP identification
  4. IP exploitation
  5. Investment readiness

The aim of the learning unit is that participants/learners will be able to:

  1. know and understand main meaning of the concepts
  2. know how to collect portfolio as a tool of learning and evaluation on this course
  3. know how to work and cooperate with other learners